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Ambiguity Examples

Ambiguity is the The presence of two or more possible meanings in a single passage, with lack of clarity. To be vague in information, words, pictures or other media. So vague in fact that it becomes difficult to derive any sort of interpretation or or specificity. The lexical ambiguity pertains to its having more than one meaning in the language to which the word belongs. For example, "Heather went to the bank." Heather could have either gone to the edge of a river or a financial institution.

Syntactic ambiguity
Syntactic ambiguity arises when a sentence can have two or more meanings because of the structure of the sentence, its syntax. This occurs often due to a modifying expression, for example: "Flying planes can be dangerous." Either the act of flying planes or planes that are flying are dangerous. Semantic ambiguity happens when a sentence contains an ambiguous verbiage such as, "I haven't slept for ten days." Which could mean 'the duration of' or 'in the last' ten days. Ambiguity can be troublesome in effective communication because it leaves information open to multiple interpretations.
Stolen painting found by tree
Meaning: Either a tree found a stolen painting, or a stolen painting was found sitting next to a tree.
Syntactic Sentences
They are hunting dogs.
Meaning: Either "they" are hunting for dogs, or those dogs are a type known as "hunting dogs".
Syntactic Sentences Reference
Flying planes can be dangerous.
Meaning: Either the act of flying planes is dangerous, or planes that are flying are dangerous.
Syntactic Sentences
John saw the man on the mountain with a telescope.
Meaning: Who has the telescope? John, the man on the mountain, or the mountain?
Syntactic Sentences Reference
The cow was found by a stream by a farmer.
Meaning: Did the farmer find the cow near the stream? Or was the cow found near a stream that was near a farmer? Or did the stream find the cow near a farmer?
Syntactic Sentences
A husband and father who is also Chief of Police.
Meaning: If a tornado strikes the small town he is living in, the man has to decide if he should go home and be with his family and fulfill the role of being a good husband and father or remain and fulfill the duties of a "good" Chief of Police because the whole town needs his expertise.
Role Reference
The employee is not sure what is expected or even what to do.
Meaning: This is particularly crucial for new employees, whose job guidelines maybe unclear. Adequate orientation and socialization programs for new employees can reduce role ambiguity.
Ambiguity Meaning
Ambiguity is the use of words that allow alternative interpretations. In factual, explanatory prose, ambiguity is considered an error in reasoning or diction; in literary prose or poetry, it often functions to increase the richness and subtlety of language and to imbue it with a complexity that expands the literal meaning of the original statement.
Ambiguity Examples
If the situation was pre-existing, then the 'effect' guy is wrong, but if the situation is new, then the 'affect' guy is wrong. Either way it's ambiguous.